At GP Schoemakers, PLLC, it is our Mission to Empower Individuals and Families to Preserve their Wealth and Legacy while also promoting Family Harmony & Family Relationships through Education, Comprehensive & Purposeful Estate Planning, and Compassionate Estate Administration. For this reason we have developed ​SimplyEstatePlanning.com™ to make our legal services more accessible to you.

Our Vision

​SimplyEstatePlanning.com™ strives to be the primary Online Legal Services provider and Lifetime Legal Advocate™ for Texans with regards to their Trusts and Estate Planning needs.

We believe that estate planning isn’t a one-time transaction—it’s an organic and ongoing process. For this reason, GP Schoemakers, PLLC provides complete estate planning services that include design, implementation, maintenance, and administration of a plan. We believe that a well-designed Estate Plan should work as smoothly and efficiently as possible when your family needs it (whether this is during disability, incapacity or at death), which is also a time when family relationships are most vulnerable.

We understand that not only time but also finances play an active role in the decision to plan. For this reason, we proudly provide the same high quality legal services via web-based appointments outside of regular business hours at reasonable rates, so that parents just like you, regardless of your net worth, can establish their comprehensive estate plan that will protect their family and children when it counts most!

It is truly one of the biggest tragedies when loving families have broken apart because of bad or no planning at all. This is why we strongly believe in Pro-Active Planning over Post-Death or Post-Incapacity Planning. We want to help you preserve your wealth and legacy while promoting your family’s harmony and familial relationships.

Our Why

We believe that it is our duty to provide Excellent Legal Support, but also to be Human. Why? Because we believe in treating clients as we would wish to be treated, and we value Long-Term Relationships with our clients and their families.

We believe that we must focus our energy on the Client, i.e., the individual, the person, YOU, and your needs. And last but not least; We enjoy what we do and we seek to pass that enjoyment and the peace of mind that comes with a sound estate plan to others.