HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT™ offers Self-Prepared estate plans online to individuals and to traditional and nontraditional married couples. Because most of our services are flat fee based to ensure that you know exactly what you will pay when you select one of our estate planning solutions. You will never be surprised by an unexpected expense or unusually high legal bill.

You can pay less on some other Internet sites, but you truly will be “getting what you pay for”!

Most other on-line options expressly do not include any time with an attorney, and/or merely provide you with “one-size-fits-all” prepackaged forms or “bare-minimum” Estate Plan Packages to “up-sell” their services once you started their planning process.

When dealing with forms people often fill them out incorrectly or answer questions in such a way that winds up causing harm they had not intended, and by that time it’s too late to fix! One other websites (e.g. LegalZoom) which provides at least minimal options for the completion of your estate plan still uses a “bait and switch” by charging you separately for all of the other necessary documents, and then again for Attorney Support monthly subscription based plan. By the time you pay for all of the extras (which we include for free) you are paying more than our price but not receiving the completeness, sophistication, or quality that™ offers via our software, our support, or the comprehensiveness of our documents.