SimplyEstatePlanning.com™ is a convenient, and affordable online estate planning solution for individuals and their families. Some Estate Planning solutions need to be handled in person, due to their complexity or size; these plans tend to be a bit more expensive because of the extra attorney time that is involved. However, this also means that a good amount of Estate Planning solutions can be realized with a lesser expense if you are willing to do some of the work yourself using our online estate planning system.

Our On-line Estate Planning System has been specifically designed to greatly reduce the amount of attorney time that is customarily necessary to create an estate plan. By using SimplyEstatePlanning.com™, you can eliminate the apprehension and high cost of creating your estate plan, while still getting the same, step-by step, interactive approach that attorneys use in person, to help you create online wills and living trusts. This means that when you use SimplyEstatePlanning.com™ you will not get a one-size-fits-all solution because each document will be tailored specifically to comply with Texas law and your choices.

Our intuitive and time-saving user-friendly system empowers our clients to create their own basic estate planning documents, which reflect their goals and objectives, from the convenience of their own home. Our Estate Plan Options include Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Powers to name just a few. Just answer the “yes” or “no” questions as you go, and, when prompted, simply fill in the blanks with the information requested. When you’re done, we will email the documents to you.  If you’d like to have an attorney review the documents and provide a half hour consultation to go over and explain them, that option is also available.

Take the time to check out this website. Although none of the information on this website is designed to replace the individualized advice that an attorney can provide, you will still learn about estate planning, last wills and testaments or revocable living wills.

If you’re ready to create your own online estate planning documents, click here to get started Today! You’ll be glad you did.